Metur Yacht

About Us

Can KadikoyFounded by Can Kadıköy in 1983, Metur Yacht is located in Icmeler, Bodrum along the southwestern coast of Turkiye. This famous resort town is also one of the historical sites for wooden boat construction.

Can Kadıköy, a ship owner who specialized in petroleum transportation, decided to fulfill his lifelong ambition of circumnavigation. His first family yacht, DRAGUT, a 65 ft ketch, was designed by famous English designer Stephen Jones. Along with technical assistance from Structural Polymer Systems Limited and Fernando Sena as project manager, the empoyees were trained in using composite materials. Hence, Metur Yacht was one of the first boatyards in Turkiye to use such materials in naval construction.

about5DRAGUT was unique in her construction, as she was the first boat to be built in Turkiye using the strip planking and cold molded construction which is one of the methods still used at Metur Yacht today.

Once DRAGUT was completed, Can Kadıköy converted his passionate hobby into his main occupation. His first professional Project was FLYING 75, a 75ft Mediterranean schooner, designed by Greek naval architect Antonis Ploutis. FLYING 75 has gained considerable recognition by winning boat races in Turkiye.

Since then, Metur Yacht has been a Pioneer in wooden boat construction in Eastern Mediterranean and has gained worldwide recognition as a result. Major contracts have successfully been completed and delivered to most European and eastern Mediterrenean countries including Netherlands, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Sweden, Lebanon and Israel. Hence, Metur Yacht has become the major wood-composite boat exporter in the Aegean coast of Turkiye.